Gedore stationary spring compressor tool mounted on the gedore modulo trolley in use in a garage
Gedore stationary spring compressor tool

Gedore Stationary Spring Compressor

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The Gedore stationary Spring Compressor is universal fit for nearly all McPherson suspension struts on the market. Fits particularly for right or left rising springs, conical springs, eccentric springs, springs with a low number of coils, springs with a high or varying spring pitch, spring struts with tension stop springs as well as for spring struts with electronic control and sensors.


• Compresses even the strongest springs - E-vehicle compatible
• Damage-free security via the shock absorber tube
• Safe compressing directly via the strut bearing
• Spring shape and pitch completely irrelevant (See our video)
• The Solution does not touch the spring
• Maximum user safety
• Simple handling
• One-man operation
• High load capacity
• 4-way safety


Assembley takes a matter of minutes and mounting can be done a number of ways: 
The compressor comes with a bracket for bench mounting. Alternatively you can purchase a wall mount bracket for an additional cost. Mounting to our Modulo trolley is also an option.



Strut compression not to be done with pneumatic gun as Max Torque 150nm. 

You may opt to purchase a hand crank with your stationary spring compressor . Alternative options include spanner or ratchet or limited torch on an impact driver.

Drive SW 24
Breaking point 60,000 N
Max. load 15,000 N
Weight without vehicle 46kg
Max. span  570mm
Spring collar diameter 125-220mm



Gedore Wall Bracket, Long

Gedore Modulo and Wall Bracket, Short

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