Gedore FAKRA repair kit plug connections sitting in open case
gedore repair kit for fakra plug connections in hands of mechanic
Gedore repair kit for fakra plug connections in use in vehicle
Gedore fakra plug connections being repaired by mechanic
individual connections and components included in the gedore repair kit for fakra plug connections

Gedore Repair Kit for FAKRA Plug Connections

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Gedore's Repair kit for FAKRA plug connections is universal fit for cars, commercial vehicles, and vans with FAKRA cable/plug connections (RTK031 and RG174). Installed, for example, on GSM mobile radio antennas, GPS antennas, and in rear-view camera systems.
For quick and professional stripping, crimping, and repairing FAKRA cable/plug connections. Time-consuming replacement of the entire FAKRA coaxial cable, usually across the vehicle, is not required! Defective, oxidised, or provisionally repaired FAKRA cable/plug connections can lead to system failures on GSM mobile radios, GPS systems, and rear view camera systems.