LUK 2CT Basic tool kit with case sitting beside full contents

LuK 2CT Basic tool kit

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LuK 2CT Basic tool kit contains:


  • Puller with spindle and pressure piece
  • 3 thumb screws
  • 3 M10 threaded bolts, 100 mm long
  • 3 M10 threaded bolts, 160 mm long
  • Circlip pliers, angled
  • Magnet
  • Transmission support with height adjustment
  • 2 plugs for driveshaft holes
  • DMF reset tool
  • Unlocking key
  • Special open-end wrench
  • DVD with assembly/disassembly instructions and training video






The basic tool kit forms the basis of the modular tool system. It contains those tools that are generally required for all repairs to double clutches. Together with a vehicle-specific tool kit, they form a complete kit for professional repairs.