LUK 2CT Reset tool kit case closed placed next to all contents in the kit

LuK 2CT Reset tool kit

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LuK 2CT Reset tool kit contains:

  • Base plate with spindle
  • Pressure nut
  • Adapter
  • 2 fixing pins
  • 2 knurled nuts
  • K2 pressure piece, Ø 115 mm
  • K2 pressure piece, Ø 131 mm
  • K1 pressure ring, Ø 85 mm
  • K1 pressure ring, Ø 105 mm
  • K1 return ring
  • K2 return ring
  • 3 K1 fixing pieces
  • DVD with assembly/disassembly instructions and training video


New double clutches for Renault vehicles with a DC4 transmission and for Ford vehicles with a DPS6 transmission are in principle fitted with a transport fastener. This means that no additional work is necessary prior to assembly. The transport fastener must be put back in place if the double clutch is used again after disassembly, e.g. because work has been carried out on the transmission seals. The reset tool kit (part no. 400 0425 10) must be used for this type of work.