LuK 2CT Volkswagen tool kit. Case sitting beside full contents of kit

LuK 2CT Volkswagen tool kit

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LuK 2CT Volkswagen tool kit contains:

  • Dial gauge with tripod
  • Reference gauge 32.92 mm (1st generation, K2)
  • Reference gauge 48.63 mm (1st generation, K1)
  • Reference gauge 32.12 mm (2nd generation, K2)
  • Reference gauge 48.42 mm (2nd generation, K1)
  • 3 thrust pieces
  • Support sleeve for disassembly
  • Pressure sleeve for assembly
  • 6 plugs
  • 3 hooks
  • Setting gauge for reference gauge
  • 2 pulling hooks
  • Weight, 3.5 kg
  • DVD with assembly/disassembly instructions and training video



This vehicle-specific tool kit must be combined with the basic tool kit. It can be used to disassemble, assemble and adjust both first generation dry double clutches (up to May 2011) and second generation dry double clutches (from June 2011) in vehicles manufactured by Audi, Seat, Škoda and Volkswagen