LuK self adjusting clutch mounting tool

LuK self adjusting clutch mounting tool

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    • 6 different tapered bushings to spread both white tensioning/centring elements (15-28 mm) to support the clutch disc
    • Universal centring pin with guide and tensioning element
    • 3 screw-on centring pins of varying diameter (12 mm, 14 mm, and 15 mm) for pilot bearing
    • Pressure piece and spindle carrier with 3- and 4-hole pitch
    • Centring sleeve (BMW)
    • 4 studs M6, M7 and M8
    • 4 knurled nuts
    • Thread closing cover to protect the inner thread
    • 2 tensioning/centring elements (12-28 mm) to fit pilot bearing and crankshaft bore
    • 4 special centring pins (BMW) of varying diameter and corresponding screw
    • Face spanner/releasing tool for pretensioned clutches (Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW)


    Using a special tool is an absolute must to ensure correct installation of the Self-Adjusting Clutch. No counteracting forces must be applied during installation to prevent early rotation of the adjusting ring in the clutch pressure plate.